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RIMA’s Forestry Division is responsible for the production and supply of charcoal, wood for the production of wood-chips, and debarked posts from renewable eucalyptus forests to its production units. It has approximately 86.5 thousand acres of forestry projects located in the North of Minas Gerais, Vale do Jequitinhonha and Vale do São Francisco and most of them are certified in forest management by the Forest Stewardship Council ®. Its forestry assets are located.

RIMA’s Forestry Division has around 136 thousand acres of native forests among its legal reserve areas, APP’s and RPPN’s (Private Reserve of Natural Heritage), created by Rima for the preservation of biodiversity. One of these RPPNs is located in the Pandeiros River basin, responsible for the reproduction of 70% of the fish that inhabit the São Francisco River. We carry out some monitoring of the fauna, flora, water resources and forest fires in order to mitigate the impacts of the sector’s activity, In order to produce a charcoal of high quality, this Division has a research and development department that seeks to constantly improve the operational controls of the production process, in addition to studying the development of new processes, which are more operationally and environmentally advanced. Thus, Rima manages to reconcile environmental preservation with an increase in its production capacity.

With the use of modern practices in forestry activities and investments in research & development, RIMA Group produces charcoal of excellent quality, contributing in parallel to the reduction of the greenhouse effect, since its forests promote the fixation of tons of CO2 and the release of O2 to the atmosphere.

Public Abstract Rima Industrial S.A.


This document is the public abstract of RIMA Industrial S/A’s forest management plan. It makes information about the company and its activities available to all stakeholders in addition to reinforcing RIMA’s commitment to the responsible management of its forests.

RIMA certifications


RIMA has the main certifications in the market, solidifying its credibility and recognition for a quality work and for the constant aim to do better and more sustainable work.