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Conscientious of its social responsibiltiy, in 1985 Rima created the Vicintin Foundation to support the communities surrounding its industrial units and contributing to the well being and quality of life for the people.

In more than 22 years, diverse social programs have been developed and implemented which have benefited the company’s employees, associates and families.

In 2006, Rima and the Vicintin Foundation received the award “Child Friendly Company” from the Abrinq Foundation in Brasil. This important award demonstrates the commitment of Rima in helping children and adolecents..

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Project CER

Aiming tooffer basic education and to contribute to the development of all of its associates , Rima created the CER Project – Educational Center of Rima. The program provides access to basic and middle education for all Rima’s associates who never had the opportunity to finish these studies. The classrooms are located in the industrial facilities and the lessons are carried out through flexible schedules, thereby facilitating the process to Rima’s associates. .

In all, 600 associates have been certified by the program and a majority of those have continued in technical and other advanced courses.

Socioenvironmental Project
In accordance with the 7th Goal of the UN Millennium Project (Quality of Life and Environmental Sustainability), the Socioenvironmental Project at Rima is an example to others f and has the objective to awaken and develop the people’s conscience to the importanceof preserving and having a healthy relationship with f the environment.

The project provides pratical experiences such as workshop activities with recyclable materials, plantation of saplings, selective garbage collection, and book distribution all in partnership with the Vicintin Foundation.

The project is also based on Agenda 21, a document endorsed by 179 countries at the United Nations that contains proposals for saving the planet.
By means of Rima and the Vicintin Foundation, the Socioenvironmental Project is providing to many children the opportunity to think about the environment and to develop practices that improve the quality of life for everyone.

8 Goals of the Millenium

In September of 2000, Brasil and more than 191 member countries of the United Nations signed an agreement that establishes a commitment to social actions that promote the sustainability of the planet. The Millenium Declaration, as the agreemtn is called, established 8 goals for social development to be achieved by 2015.

They are:

• To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
• To reach universal basic education
• To promote the equality between the sexes and women’s rights
• To reduce infant mortality
• To improve the health of pregnant mothers
• To fight HIV/Aids, Malaria and other illnesses.
• To guarantee a sustainable environment
• To establish a world-wide partnership for development.

As a way to spread and disseminate the reflection and commitment to improve the conditions of life for society, the Rima Group develops social actions based on the goals of the U.N.

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