At Rima, environmental management is a corporate priority carried out by practices that see the corporate conduct in accordance with sustainable development. The company has environmental licenses and permits for all of its industrial facilities and mines and is in the process of obtaining licenses for its forestry division.

By way of 36,500 hectares of native forest reserves between legal and RPPN reserves, Rima contributes to the reduction of deforestation while reducing pollutants and increasing the release of oxygen to the atmosphere.

All of the carbon biomass used in the production units is provided by the company’s own forest reserves of selected eucalyptus trees. Through photosynthesis, these trees capture 1,443,270 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. This value represents four times the quantity of CO2 liberated in the company’s production processes.

The newest project in Rima’s environmental efforts is the Horticultural Forest of Buritizeiro, in Minas Gerais. This natural preserve protects native species of the region and also exotic species from other regions of Brasil and other countries.

Since 2006, the Rima Group has manged the RPPN of Alessandra Bello Vicintin. This preserve is located in Januária, Minas Gerais, and has 21.000 hectares of typical ranch vegetation as well as a rich population of birds and wild animals, such as pumas, armadillos and wild deer.

RPPN Alessandra Bello Vicintin
With the creation in 2006 of the RPPN Alessandra Bello Vicintin, Rima gave crucial support to the ecosystem in the Januária region, which is one of the most desolate areas in the state of Minas Gerais with an area of 21,000 hectares of typical vegetation. The RPPN shelters diverse trails, such as the Buriti Grosso, the Pindaibal and the Jabuticaba; as well as various rivers and streams and diverse animal populations such as wild deer, pumas and innumerable birds such as emas, toucans and macaws.

Since its inception, numerous activities have been developed such as: building fences around the reservation; firefighters and training of volunteers to prevent and combat forest fires; programs for environmental education in schools in the community; lectures on controlled burning for the association of rural producers and, in partnership with the local community, social programs for the rational use and sustainable management of the property.

The program also provides management of physical characterization of biodiversity, biological and socioeconomic infrastructure, protection measures and a buffer zone. Another highlight is proposed for the development of socioenvironmental revenue generating projects aimed at improving the quality of life of poor communities in the surrounding area and the creation of a new vision for environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources.


Fire Prevention

Rima is a partner with the Minas Gerais State and one of three sponsors of Fire Prevention Program, which aims to fight fires in areas of environmental protection and state ecological reserves. It was created as a task force, properly trained and ready for action, with the support of modern monitoring equipment and infrastructure support (helicopters, trucks) for adequate monitoring and fighting of forest fires.


More than 300 trained firefighters are charged with protecting the forests, preserves and their flora and fauna.

In the search for the proper management of environmental standards and an improvement in the quality of life, the Rima Group pursues compliance with environmental legislation by licensing all of its industrial units to current environmental standards. This policy of compliance brings several advantages to the company, among them, the confidence of its customers, the access to international markets and a respected image before environmental agencies.

Rima’s Environmental Certifications

Environmental Operations License – State Environmental Foundation
Industrial Units: Capitão Enéas, Várzea da Palma, Bocaiúva and Olhos D’Água.

Environmental Operational Authorization – State Environmental Foundation
Industrial Units: Tooling (BCV), Molds (ODG) and Santa Cruz Farms I and II

Operational Supplier License – State Environmental Foundation
Industrial Units: Capitão Enéas, Várzea da Palma, Bocaiúva, Olhos D’Água, and Buritizeiros.

Underground Well Permits
Industrial Units: Capitão Enéas, Várzea da Palma, Bocaiúva, Olhos D’Água and Buritizeiros.
Federal Technical Register of Ibama for potential polluters or users of environmental resources
All Rima units.

Environmental Control and Monitoring Systems
Dust collection from charcoal and crushing units, bag houses, gas cleaning, separator boxes for water and oil, sewer treatment stations, biomass, selective recycling and others.

Partnership with Biodiversity Foundation

The need for actions to promote the preservation of the environment is a reality. In November 2007 the Rima Group became a partner of “Fundacao Biodiverstitas” , a non-governmental organization that works to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the promotion of sustainable development.

The organization stands out in the drafting and implementation of projects with an interdisciplinary approach, focusing mainly on the interactions between the environment and humans.
The Rima Group joined the Partnership Program of Corporate Foundation, which aims to generate financial support for the implementation of proposed activities for conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of protected areas.
Thus, the company participates through the actions undertaken by the Biodiversity Foundation to preserve Brazilian biodiversity.
By thinking about how to protect the environment, Rima fulfills its commitment and strategic value to social responsibility; creates jobs and improves quality of life for its employees and the communities where the group has activities.

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