The Rima Group is the largest Silicon Metal producer in Brazil and the fourth in the world. The Silicon Metal produced by Rima is used in the Mettallurgical, Chemical, Electronic and Photovoltaic industries. The material is produced in submerged electric arc furnaces utilizing high quality quartz, charcoal and carbon electrodes. Silicon Metal is an environmentally friend product as it is produced with charcoal coming from Rima’s renewable reforestation.

• Mettallurgical Grade

Having very low levels of impurities, Metallurgical Grade Silicon Metal is used in the production of aluminum alloys, mainly for the automotive industry. The high purity of our product allows for quick solubility and high yield in the alloying process.

• Chemical Grade

Chemical Grade Silicon Metal is the basic raw material in the production of special silicones also called light oils. Light oil products have applications in the areas of medicine, cosmetics, electronics, textile, automotive and construction.

• Micronized Silicon

Utilized in the Semi-conductor Industry, Micronized Silicon is the main raw material in the production of Trichlorosilanes, which are transformed in diodes and processors of high performance (computer microchips).

• Solar Grade Silicon

Solar Grade Silicon Metal is used in the production of Solar Cells, a market segment that is growing exponentially in recent years as an alternative source of electrical energy.


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