The Forestry Division is reponsible for the production and renewal of the carbon biomass for the group, along with other products such as wood chips, lumber, construction wood products and resins. For this, Rima has approximately 50,000 hectares of managed forest reserves, located in the North of Minas Gerais State in the Vale do Jequitinhonha and Vale do São Francisco regions, in which are planted approximetaly 60,000,000 eucalyptus trees.

Rima manages another 36,500 hecctares of native forests between its legal forest reserves and RPPN (Private Reserves of Native Forest ) created by the company for the protection and preservation of biodiversity. One of these RPPNs is located in the Pandeiros River bay, which is responsible for the reproduction of 70% of the fish that populate the San Francisco River.

With the aim of obtaining the highest quality reductants, the Forestry Division uses its biomass technology and development department to continuously search for better operational and process controls in the charcoal production and further develop new and better processes more in line with the sustainability of the environment. In this way, the company perserves the environment while increseing productvity

With the maintanance of its managed forests, without including the reserves, the Rima Group contributes positively to the environment with the removal from the atmosphere of approximately 1,800,000 metric tons per year of CO2 and the release of approximately 700,000 metric tons per year of O2.


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