The Rima Group is the world leader in the production of silicon-based alloys used in the foundry and steel industries. Very stringent quality controls coupled with high quality raw materials assure the quality of the final products.

• Calcium Silicon Alloys (CaSi)

Calcium Silicon Alloys are known to have many uses in the production of clean, high quality steel. The main applications are the substitution of Alumina inclusions with Calcium Aluminate and the modification of harmful sulfides in the steel, improving fluidity and preventing the clogging of the tundish valves in continuous casting. They also improve mechanical properties of steel such as machinability, drawability, forgeability forjability, casting, welding and surface quality. Calcium Silicon Alloys are also used for deoxidation, desulfurization and recovery of Chromium and Vanadium in stainless steel.

• Magnesium Ferro Silicon (MgFeSi)

Rima’s Magnesium Ferro Silicon is produced with Rima’s own pure magnesium and it is one of the best nodularizers in the market due to its low levels of magnesium oxide and high nodularization yield in both “Sandwich” and “In Mold” processes.


• 75% Ferro Silicon

The use of high quality raw materials and the electric melting process yield a high quality and very homogenous product. Offered in Standard and High Purity grades in various sizes.

• Inoculants

To obtain better control of the structure during the production of ductile iron, inoculants containing elements such as Calcium (Ca), Barium (Ba), Aluminum (Al), Lanthanum (La), among others, are added to the base metal to increase the number of nucleation sites during the solidification process. These nucleation sites promote the precipitation of the carbon as graphite, hence improving the properties of the nodular iron.

• Cored Wire

The process of alloy injection in Cored Wire form is used in metallurgical applications that demand strict control of the elements in the steel. This process has proven to be the most efficient method due the improved yields and increased metallurgical control it provides.

Some advantages of using Cored Wire include:

- Process simplification
- Process integration
- Flexibility
- Versatility
- Production cost reduction or Improved Inventory Managment
- Improved efficiency
- Improved process control

Rima’s Cored Wire Injection Equipment was designed with the goal of improving the overall injection process of cored wires from an economic, time and efficiency stand point. The equipment is compact, sturdy, safe and comes with hardware and software, which allows precise injection of two or four wires alternatively or simultaneously.

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