The automotive Division of the Rima Group was created to meet the demand from the automotive industry for magnesium and aluminum diecasting and machined parts.

The Rima Group has the second largest magnesium diecasting facility in the world. The production process is unique in so much as it involves the production of primary magnesium, in-house recycling of magnesium scrap and transportation of molten magnesium, saving enregy and reducing costs. The whole process is rigorously controlled and guarantees just-in-time delivery of quality and competitive products to our customers.

The Rima Group has a unique concept of producing magnesium and aluminum diecating parts in a highly vertically integrated process where the liquid metal and the final diecast parts are produced in the same place, saving energy and reducing costs.

Rima’s industrial facilities are highly automated and use state of the art equipment and quality controls as to guarantee high productivity, repeatability and quality of the final products.

Looking to add value to its products and responding to new trends in the automotive industry, Rima also has a machining center and an engine line assembly. Currently, Rima is supplying fully assembled and high quality engines and transmissions to the market.

In addition to using state of the art technology, Rima also invests in the continuous training and education of its associates.


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